"All my life I have been yearning for revolution, a non-violent and spiritual one in the hearts of people"                                                                     -bWy



bWy, pronounced as 'be why,' stands at the forefront of music's global evolution, effortlessly weaving English and German into a harmonious blend that transcends linguistic constraints.

Unafraid to speak his truth, bWy is crafting a unique blend of songs that carry messages of positivity and hope for a brighter tomorrow. “What I love most about hip-hop is its original rebellious spirit and its power to convey meaningful messages. I'm determined to infuse that spirit into the contemporary soundscape, in my own way."

In recent years, this young creative has been a relentless force, consistently delivering ambitious songs and projects that underscore his unparalleled work ethic. bWy continually surprises his audience with fresh directions and styles, solidifying his status as one of the industry's most versatile and unique artists.

bWy's musical journey is a testament to the evolving nature of music. His seamless fusion of English and German sets him apart as a trailblazer, while his commitment to impactful storytelling cements his position as a contemporary musical visionary.


All Colors Are Beautiful


All Colors Are Beautiful, a concept album about the chakras with each of the seven songs representing one of the 7 Main Chakras.

bWy's most spiritual project started as an idea in 2020, but didn't release until early summer '23. The project is entirely self produced.



Besides being a true testiment to bWy's unique blend of english and german, NEW DAWN serves as a bridge between modern sound and meaningful messages.

This 7 song tape builds on bWy's previous release "SPIRIT RAGE"



Straight from 931 germany, FRECHDACHS is something along the lines of an instant hood classic.

bWy comes together with AY and yunguzzi on top of an $MK pop punk beat to let germany know what they're rocking with.

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"We are all the creators of our individual as well as collective lives, because each and every one of our decisions directly impact our future!"

"Even if it doesn't work from one moment to the next (in fact, good things usually take time), a person that is aware of the power that lies within them to create their future and is using it will achieve extraordinary things.

You are a cr34t0r because in every moment of your life you are actively creating your future. It is for you to decide how you use this power!"


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